Why is so important the floor plan?

Know why and the different types OF FLOOR PLANS

Love the phrase “it all starts with a plan” … or it should be, and I have it internalized, maybe because I am a designer or maybe because I love organization.
The truth is that it is highly recommended and necessary to start with a plan, rather a floor plan, when we want to plan, design a space and finally obtain a cohesive and well designed work.

Firstly it’s possible clearly visualize the dimension lines, which is an important basic factor for the overall design.

In the right floor plan we can also erase the dimensions and to label the item’s name , which help easily read the floor plan and to know the layout and flow of the room.

#Developing the floor plan

The floor plan below it was create for a professional woman who needed a space to work at home and at the same time have available room for eventual guests.
The design of the floor space, made the owner gained confidence in how to locate the furniture for a multipurpose space and optimize it, and obviously only invest in what was necessary. Over the basic floor plan that only show windows and door, we can create a additional lighting plan completing the initial information

#A colorful floor plan and elevation

Once the floor plan is approved, is time to present a 3 D floor plan, which it will show the finish details and color story of the design concept.

With this colorful floor view is totally clear to read the layout,colors and materials of the design concept. Yet is also important to give more details inside other view, the elevation view, that will show, in this case, the focal point of the office, that’s the window wall since holds the wall paper with a the only window of the room with a nice view from outside.

Elevation view

#Floor plan use and users

Creatively speaking, any idea about a possible layout for a certain space, whether for a future home or office, or any space where people would develop activities or coexistence, will begin with a simple sketch, and then be translated into a professional drawing, with exact measurements and logical transit, and the result will be a floor plan.
For interior designers a basic floor plan is essential to distribute the items, (furniture) that depending on the use of the room, will give rise to the conceptual design, adapting it to the given measures of the space to obtain an ideal flow (traffic) .
From there, a floor plan representing textures can be created, as well. This presentation is very useful to determinate the type and amount of finish materials to be used on each room.showing patterns and / or colors.

#Floor plan and patterns

Floors finish materials for each room

One of the best tools that the real estate agents have under the belt is a clear floor plan to show to their potential buyers the flow of the house.and it is already proven that buyers prefer to visit a house when they have seen the floor plan beforehand.

Do you dream of a well planned space, with a cohesive result and does each of your furniture look beautiful?

We can help you with your new layout.

Much love.

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